"no one’s life seems great between midnight and seven am. go to sleep. things will be better tomorrow."
- my scottie sister, grendel, when i called her crying in the middle of the night (via themethfairy)

So tonight was so touching. I had a soccer game, and when I look to my bench I have half of my under 10 team (that I coach) cheering “go Katie, go Katie” and doing the wave for me. Plus, one of the girls I coach in under 14s was there, and she comes to all my games to cheer me on. I feel so touched and proud to be coaching these girls. It also makes me feel so happy to know that I have touched or made some what of an impact on them; enough for them to want to come and support me at my own games. <3 I am a proud coach, and I couldn’t imagine not ever coaching. It keeps me going. It makes me happy.